Practice for

♦ Aiming ♦ Concenturation ♦ Indoors
♦ Positioning ♦ Accuracy ♦ Outdoors
♦ Swing Path    

From Beginners to Professional Golfers

From Drivers to Putter

Drills for In-Door Practice
Use the auxiliary tools as much as possible to practice.
  • Simplifying the Swing
  • Managing Torque
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Distance Control


  1. Stretch and loosen up your muscles.
  2. Start the warm-up with putting.
  3. Practice a variety of lies and distances when warming up for the short game.
  4. Practice your shot routine.


  1. Enables better preparation of the mind and body in feeling before rounding.
  2. After a 10 minute warm-up energizes the body muscles with more focus and agility.

Get some feel for contact and control about each clubs.



Fairwoods and Hybrid










Effective aiming tool

Effective aiming tool for all types of clubs, – Drivers, Irons, Wedges, and Putter.

Useful tools for practice

Useful tools for practice from beginners to professional golfers. Improves concentration and accuracy through: Target Alignment,Body Alignment,Ball Positioning, Foot Positioning.

Enhances consistency in golf swing

Enhances consistency in golf swing through: Swing Path, Follow-up, Hitting Point

our customers say it best:
  • You can use it with a beginners or scratch players, by moving the tees. It makes the player aware of their path and club face angle thru the stroke and impact. I truly recommended. I see fast improvements by using it. I can not recommend it enough. I love it! It will improve your putting!Thanks!–James Liu

  • Beside keeping the head of the putt in the right direction, it also helps to hit softly controlling the speed since taking the putt back slows down in order to keep the putt’s movement straight..–Janet

  • There are other models that come much larger but are much more expensive. I find this one easier to shorten the putting stroke and gain easy consistency. And Thank you!–Joy